Not For Profit Compliance Support Centre

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Our independent contractors page has been updated to provide more information on creating agreements and contracts.

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The Workforce Capability Framework provides a common language for the capabilities and personal attributes required by community sector workers.

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We have just a released a new Checklist for Good Governance to help boards and committees lead the organisation they serve.

Regulatory News

New criminal offence for failure to disclose child sexual abuse

13 November 2014

On Monday 27 October 2014, a new offence for failure to disclose child sexual abuse came into force.

The new offence requires that any adult who holds a reasonable belief that a sexual offence has been committed in Victoria by an adult against a child (aged under 16) disclose that information to police, unless they have a reasonable excuse.

Minister's Performance Standards for Registered Agencies

1 July 2014

New performance standards (Minister’s Performance Standards) for housing associations and providers registered under the Housing Act 1983 (Vic) are now in effect.

Charities not in contact with the ACNC will lose charity tax concessions

17 June 2014

Organisations on the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission’s list of Charities not in contact with the ACNC need to update their details by 30 June 2014.

Charities on this list that do not update their details will lose access to their charity tax concessions. The ACNC will assume that they have ceased operating and revoke their registration.