About us

The Not For Profit Compliance Support Centre is an online information resource for Victorian NFP community organisations. Its purpose is to help reduce the regulatory compliance burden and increase productivity within the sector.

The site seeks to achieve this by:
  • increasing regulatory awareness within the sector leading to greater compliance,
  • saving search time for NFP organisations in finding regulatory and compliance information which apply to their activities,
  • increasing use of existing regulatory tools that are available, and
  • increasing understanding of NFP organisations about the benefits of compliance.

Who we are

This website is published by the Victorian Government's Centre for Community Services System Development (formerly Office for the Community Sector) within the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS).

The Not for Profit Compliance Support Centre is a feature of the Victorian Government's ongoing commitment to reduce the burden of regulatory compliance. It also aligns directly with the responsibilities of the Centre for Community Services System Development, which is primarily to reduce red tape for and increase the capacity of NFP organisations.

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