Managing people

People are an important resource for all Not For Profit community groups and your organisation may rely on a combination of volunteers, employees and contractors.

Regardless of your activities, size or legal structure, your organisation has responsibilities to all its workers. You are required to provide a safe workplace and ensure that you are complying with the applicable laws for each type of worker.

The Workforce Capability Framework describes a broad set of capabilities and personal attributes required by workers in community sector organisations.
The legal and compliance requirements for managing employees in your Not For Profit organisation are the same as for any employer.
Specific laws and regulations apply to independent contractors, who are classed as self-employed or a small business operator by the tax office.
Your unpaid workforce is not always specifically mentioned in legislation but volunteers do have rights, expectations, and in some cases, protections.
You can use a range of checks and screening options to help protect your organisation, your clients and other workers.
Regardless of the type of worker involved, maintaining a safe workplace is a legal requirement for all Not For Profits and community groups
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