Managing your organisation

The legal and compliance requirements for running your Not for Profit organisation will vary depending on your legal structure.

Other aspects of managing your organisation may not be legally required, but contribute to good governance and effective management processes.

Incorporated Not For Profit organisations all have a defined process for meetings and other regulatory obligations.
Governance refers to the leadership provided by a board or committee, and the process of ensuring legal, ethical and regulatory compliance.
One method of treating risks to your organisation is insurance which can cover the financial impact of third party claims.
Depending on your legal structure there are different processes for closing or winding-up a registered Not For Profit organisation.
Information for Not For Profit organisations on managing conflicts, disputes and financial difficulties
This page provides a list of free guides and tools to assist Not For Profit organisations and community groups with business and strategic planning.
Information about how to change the name of your not for profit organisation
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