Disability services

This page contains information for Not For Profit organisations that provide services to people with a disability.

Disability services and access

The Disability Act 2006 (Vic) regulates services and supports for people with a disability. The Act provides the framework to enable people with a disability to more actively participate in the community. The Act is guided by the principles of human rights and citizenship.

The Act regulates who can access disability services. To access disability services a person must have a disability as defined in the Act and be considered a priority for access to services.

  • see the Access to services page on the Department of Human Services (DHS) website for more information.

Not For Profits provide disability services through a number of different outputs which may include information, planning and capacity building, targeted services (i.e. aids and equipment), individual support, and residential accommodation support.

The Department of Human Services (DHS) website has a section for service providers who provide services and supports to Victorians with a disability.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 (Cwth) commenced on 1 July 2013. Under the scheme, people with a disability will be able to choose their preferred providers of disability services (supports) under an individualised support plan.

To provide disability services under a support plan your organisation must be registered with the National Disability Insurance Agency. Your organisation can also register to manage funding for supports for an individual.

  • See the Providers section on the National Disability Insurance Scheme website for more information.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme will be rolled out in full across Victoria by 2019-20; Victorians with disabilities are expected to be able to start accessing the scheme from July 2016.

Protecting the rights of clients

The rights of people with disabilities are protected under the following laws:

  • the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2007
  • the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006
  • the Victorian Disability Act 2006
  • the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 2010.

If your organisation is providing services to people in Victoria with a disability you must ensure that you act compatibly with human rights and ensure all your clients’ rights are protected.


Your organisation may be funded through multiple funding streams. Funding provided by the Victorian government may be managed through a service agreement between the relevant department and the organisation.

Further Information

  • for information about managing your organisation, including meetings and other constitutional obligations.

  • for information about managing your organisation's finances, including financial records and reporting.

  • for information on managing staff, volunteers and contractors in your organisation, including workplace health and safety.

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